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Diawi 2: What's new

As you have read from us before on the website and on Twitter, we did put a HUGE amount of time and expectations into it, and here it is! Finally!

What's new?

  • Updated iOS apps processing with latest features from Apple
  • Android apps upload and installation
  • Better installation experience with more information on the app, checks on compatibility with the device, help and support to end-users
  • Better detection of the user's UDIDs, but also detailed device specs and features
  • APIs
  • Dashboard to manage apps: history, delete, stats
  • Team accounts
  • Custom domains and installation pages branding
  • Unlimited number of installations and no expiration for enterprise apps
  • Custom links and floating links
  • Larger apps
  • Standard & Premium support

The plan

The release of those features will happen gradually every few weeks starting from April, 18th.

At first, the new Diawi will be released, with all the great and free features you already know. This include the newly designed and improved website, the new (insanely better) installation process, Android apps, upload APIs, ...

Then, the other features, the new ones, part of premium and team/enterprise plans will be made available.

One more thing

Since we welcome Android apps, we thought that Diawi should now mean "Development and In-house Apps Wireless Installation"

We love it so far, and we hope you'll love it!

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