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Diawi 2: The journey

Diawi is now 5 years old, let's take some time to share a few words about why it works, how we made it, what its future would be.

This is has been an awesome ride so far!

Diawi as you may know it today, Development and iOS Apps Wireless Installation, started in November 2010. At the beginning, it was a little one page, very simple tool, and it then grew as a side project with a team of 2 tinkerers, app developers and devops enthusiasts. We used it ourselves for our projects, and many of you started to use it too.

The service has grown with many features to more than 2'600'000 apps uploaded, almost 10'000'000 apps installed (this week!), and 25'000 users every day.

Not an easy one

As a nights and week-ends side-project, it started to take a lot of our time because it now handles terabytes of files, millions of rows in the databases, ... and has a real impact on your businesses, startups, teams, ...

We had difficult times, that maybe some of you remember in 2014, when the infrastructure was not up to the task, or when some users abused the service, but we managed to overcome these, and Diawi works well, actually 99.95% uptime in 2015.

We thank so much all of you who helped us: it allowed us to maintain the hosting platform and keep building on.

But we are in for the long run

We love the project and where it is going. We took some time lately to rethink it from the ground up, and worked hard to reach the next step for the service.

A few thousand lines of code later, we are ready to announce Diawi 2.

Our main focus has been on the user experience during the app installation and on the features developers and enterprises need.

We have put a lot in it, so continue reading about Diawi 2 to find out: What's new

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