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Diawi 2: Community and open-source

Starting today and onwards, Diawi will be more community oriented. Therefore, a few key things are going to be made available to everyone:

Knowledge sharing

A key to app installation is the knowledge gathered during those years: Apple, and now Android, don't provide much information on some parts of the processes involved. However, we know a lot more now, and we think that together we can fill the blanks. So our knowledge base, previously available on uservoice, will now be available as a public GitHub repository for enhancements and contributions by the community, feel free to make any pull request.

Also, some interesting pieces of code and algorithms that we use at Diawi, and we think might be useful to others for various things related to iOS or Android apps/devices/platforms, are going to be released as open-source code through our public GitHub profile.

Information and communication

We previously had a Twitter account for news and information about app installation: we will continue to post news and answer questions there.

Today, we are adding this blog to keep you up to date with what is going on at Diawi, and also with the latest new tips about app deployment.

Also, as we are going to have some open-sourced components and community shared knowledge-base, we would like to open the discussion on app installation with everyone who would like to join: so today, we also add a Gitter chat to discuss together. Feel free to join us there, ask any question or provide support to others!

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