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Diawi 2: APIs

As part of Diawi 2, APIs are made available to all users with a Diawi account. These APIs allow the upload of an app from a continuous integration server, the integration of apps on Diawi into third-party tools.

App upload

The upload can be perform by a POST request. It is so simple it can be done by a curl command. All the settings (password, comment, wall, ...) are also available as parameters.

The processing of the uploaded file and the creation of the link are an asynchronous process. Three methods to get the resulting Diawi link are available:

  • polling
  • receiving the Diawi link by e-mail
  • a callback to an URL

Links and app management

After the upload, APIs provide access to links and app management, including but not only: retrieving available information on an app (like on the installation page), retrieving installation statistics, deleting, expiration checking, ...

API integration

APIs may be integrated in continuous integration workflows, dashboards, third-party tools or any way you can imagine. The documentation will provide all the necessary information.

And Early Access Preview is possible if you would like to work with the APIs right now.

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