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Diawi 2: The migration

As previously announced, Diawi 2 will be available on April, 18th 2016. This is a big change for our infrastructure.

In order to perform the migration, Diawi will be put down for maintenance starting from April, 16th 10:00 UTC. The operations should take a few hours, and the service should be back by April, 17th 10:00 UTC. During this maintenance period, the service should be considered as unavailable: please do not plan any app upload or installation.

All apps uploaded before the migration will still be available after, with the same link and the same options as before. However, only newly uploaded apps after the migration will benefit from the new features.

While we are planning these operations for a long time now and expect everything to go well, some things might go south. Status updates will be provided on Twitter and Gitter.

If you would like an Early Access Preview to start playing with the APIs or help us test with your apps, contact us.

See you on the other side!

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