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Free user accounts features available

Progressing with the release of new features, we have now made available Free Diawi accounts.

As before, you still get everything from Self-service:

  • the free and simplest service, as always
  • iOS and Android app uploads
  • Diawi links, as easy to install as ever

But now also many new things if you get yourself a Free account:…

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Diawi 2: The migration

As previously announced, Diawi 2 will be available on April, 18th 2016. This is a big change for our infrastructure.

In order to perform the migration, Diawi will be put down for maintenance starting from April, 16th 10:00 UTC. The operations should take a few hours, and the service should be back by April, 17th 10:00 UTC

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Diawi 2: APIs

As part of Diawi 2, APIs are made available to all users with a Diawi account. These APIs allow the upload of an app from a continuous integration server, the integration of apps on Diawi into third-party tools…

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