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Technical stack overview

At Diawi, we are really proud to host and provide a service trusted by thousands of users everyday.

This wouldn't be possible without the help of some very well made tools and components. Here is a quick overview of what we use.

On the back-end

On the front-end

  • mostly custom javascript with:
  • mostly custom CSS using SASS and parts of:
  • Framework7 for most of the webapp
  • gulp for js/css processing (minification, Babel ES6, ...)
  • icomoon to generate a custom icon font

On the servers

  • ubuntu
  • nginx
  • MySQL, with Percona Server
  • redis for quick access to some live data (stats, sessions, ...)
  • letsencrypt for SSL certificates
  • beanstalk for processing queues, one is for example used when you upload files

And also

This fits quiet well today's Diawi, and of course is always open to changes as we add new ideas and features.

Feel free to comment below or join us on Gitter if you have any question! We would be happy to share and discuss!

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