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New app expiration rules

Diawi is growing, we just passed 7'000 uploads per day and almost 30'000 installations. With that, new kind of usages seem to be appearing on the service that are not as welcome: Diawi is a tool for app developers and their testers, and we intend to remain that. We'll also enhance the support of in-house apps distribution as soon as Premium accounts are available.

That being said, Diawi is not a storage service nor an AppStore alternative for jailbroken devices, so we have to update the rules on app expirations…

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Technical stack overview

At Diawi, we are really proud to host and provide a service trusted by thousands of users everyday.

This wouldn't be possible without the help of some very well made tools and components. Here is a quick overview of what we use

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Free user accounts features available

Progressing with the release of new features, we have now made available Free Diawi accounts.

As before, you still get everything from Self-service:

  • the free and simplest service, as always
  • iOS and Android app uploads
  • Diawi links, as easy to install as ever

But now also many new things if you get yourself a Free account:…

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