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Apps status changes and re-enabling expired apps

Until today, apps having reached one of the expiration conditions (0 installations or expiration date in the past) were cleaned up immediately. While it was clear and simple, it also often didn't leave enough time to react and apps were gone before add-ons could be used to increase the limits.

Today, we are changing this behaviour and the statuses of apps displayed on the dashboard. Previously, apps had 2 statuses: Available and Not available. With this change, apps now have 3 statuses:

  • Available: the app can been installed using it's Diawi link
  • Not available: the app has reached 0 installations, or the expiration date is in the past, or it has been manually disabled; it is not possible to install the app anymore, but it is now possible to make it available again by toping up the installations or the duration or re-enabling it during a few days
  • Gone: the "not available" period has passed and the app has been removed from our servers

Depending on your plan, the "not available" period during which it is possible to re-enable an app can last from 1 to 5 days (see details on the Knowledge base).

If needed, the app can still be removed right away using the cog next to the status on the apps list ("Disable", then "Delete now").

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